Tuesday, February 28, 2012

++Incoming paint++ ... ++Necrons++

Here's how my Necron force is shaping up. Going for a quick rusted up look. I initially primed with a red oxide/rust color primer, which also serves as my base coat. I dipped them all in a blackish home-made wash to define the crevices. A quick drybursh of boltgun metal finishes off the main look of the bodies & weapons.  More details below....

Immortals - for the immortals & characters I added a blended green shoulder-pads. 

Warriors - I painted over the rods to give them some hyro powered super soakers. 

Scarabs- stole this idea from "fromthewarp". Extra scarbs casted with instamold & milliput. 

WIP characters

WIP crypteks - Simply used extra overlords from Annihilation barge and swaped heads for Deathmark heads. All base tiles are from pre scored plasticard. Popped off and glued to the base in semi random fashion, finished off with sand flocking. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new camera : Malifaux pics (guild:lady justice crew)

I finally managed to get a new camera. :) so enough of that. on with the pics. Below is my first Malifaux crew, the Lady Justice box set. I used all GW paints on these guys except for a little vallejo blue-violet on the flames. Lady J & Judge have a Wyrd graveyard base insert. The Death marshals are just flocked.

group shot.

Lady J.


Death Marshals