Monday, November 29, 2010

Skaven: Test mini

Normally I will end up doing quite a few test mini's before coming up with a scheme that I like. But this may be a first. I'm thinking this will work for my army.

With each army that I start, I like to put in some thought on how I'm going to get the army on the field and painted, and sometimes come up with new ways and techniques along the way to help get the mini's painted in a productive and decent looking way. With the skaven, since it's a horde army I thought ahead of time that I wanted to dip these guys. But I don't want to use the Stain method. I tried that with orks, and chaos and had decent results, but it had its drawbacks too. Stain is usually oil based which is just no fun. It takes forever to dry. And is pretty thick. So I thought it would be optimum to just dip in a GW wash, but  that would be expensive! So what to do? Make my own wash. I've done this, and you can see the results. (I did paint the flesh last and used GW wash for this step). So more on how I painted them later. I have more Rat men to put together!!! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Army: Skaven

I've always thought that one day I would like to do a skaven army. But so far I have resisted, with so many other projects under my belt. When the latest batch of awesome models came out, (doom wheel, plague furnace, etc), it was very hard to resist! With the Isle of blood release it was next to impossible......but I held my ground. I have plenty of projects right now. No need to start a new army.

So me and 2 old friends and war-gaming buddies of mine have an upcoming battle. The original plan was Them: a 2000 pt allied force of Lizard men & Empire against my 2000 pts of WOC.  After giving this some thought, one of the allied generals decided it would be unfair for me to field 2000 pts (i.e. 500 pts of possible Chaos lord awesomeness), when they could only each possibly field a 250 pt lord or hero. I concede that there is a bit of logic there.

Which brings me to where I am now. I need a 1000 pt allied force to fight along side my WOC. And it hits me like a bolt of warp lightning.....SKAVEN!!!!

Needless to say, I quickly procured a set of IOB skaven, and I am now happily assembling them and going over what kind of color scheme I will use for my new army. I'm thinking fur like the rat in Ratatouille (space wolves color?). Stay tuned for some painted up Skaven.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Space Wolves - Army showcase

It's been a while since paint brush touched a space wolf, as I've been doing other projects lately. Over the course of painting the Space wolf army I took many pictures along the way. Some decent,some not so great. So I wanted to take them all out and try and get some better pictures. I think these came out pretty well. This is probably as good as I'm going to get with my current camera. So here they are. Enjoy....

Iron priest on (cyber) thunder wolf

Canis Wolfborn

Hamish Blackwolf

Arjac Rockfist

Logan Grimar - the great wolf

Rune Priest

Thunder-wolf cavalry

Cyber wolves

Lone wolf

Long fangs

more long fangs

and....more long fangs

Wolf guard

more wolf guard

Grey Hunters
Razorbacks w/twin link plasma & las cannon


Monday, November 8, 2010

New Warmachine blog

Me and my 3 other Warmachine buddies started a new colaborative blog to chronicle a campaign we are playing. It works out well, as there are 4 of us to cover the 4 main factions of the Warmachine game. I'll most likely be posting all Warmachine related painting and stuff in that blog as well, so stay tuned to:

Monday, November 1, 2010

WOC Tzeentch progress

Disclaimer - Nothing here is complete. All is still a work in progress, but I thought I would post where I'm at right now.

Since I began this project I've been painting the entire force pretty much all in one batch. My goal was to get the army to a point that I could play it and not be embarrassed by not having paint or a half painted force. For the most part, I think I completed that goal. I played a 2000 pt game this past weekend (more on that later).

 This is one of my favorite miniatures. I have it forever and just never got around to painting. I even pulled it apart stripped the primer off and did a better job of getting rid of mold lines, then re-posed / re-glued the dude. I ran into a small problem though. The model has such an extreme lean, all the weight was on the left ankle and it cracked. I filled in with epoxy and use the staff to help brace the model to the base. Hopefully this will hold in without further cracking.

 I love the wing span of this model. I think it looks way better then even the forge world greater daemon, which I think the wings look funny.
 this is the closest model to completion. Only thing left is to paint the gems, complete the base, and I think I'll add some kind of design to the robe. And I need to do something to make the eyes stand out more.

 I've decided that I do not like the standard that I put together for the marauders. It does not go with the rest of the army. I will be chopping this off and adding a more "flag" like standard.
I made the Tzeentch symbol on all the banners to look like the symbol of the the Daemons staff to tie them together.
So at this point, I have base coated, washed, and highlighted everything. Pretty much the only thing that remains is final highlights, completion of the bases, and some details to all the warlock purple banners/cloaks, I'm thinking some kind of flames on the bottom or something.