Saturday, January 29, 2011

100th post - New army test mini

So this is my 100th post. Fancy. I was planning on posting pics of my completed Lucas the trickster, but well...I got side tracked. It happens often. When federal tax refund comes, I'm getting some brand spanking new mini's and starting a new army! I'm going to be working on a "counts as" Blood Angels force that I like to call.....

Blood Knights!

Below are test mini pics of what I believe to be my final color scheme.

I settled on a split scheme, because I think it gives it the knightly quality the army needs, with the metallic side like shinny knightly armor and the left side dipped in blood. 

Here is my first attempt at a scheme.

I had the knight thing going on, but not the Blood thing! 

And for giggles, here's some old blood angel figures I painted over 20 years ago (I've always been a fan). Maybe some of these will get the repaint treatment and appear in my new army.

This poor guy came out more pink then red. 

 Stay tuned for more from the Blood Knights!

Friday, January 21, 2011

BATREP: Space Wolves vs. Sun Crushers

Space Wolves vs. Sun Crushers (counts as Blood Angels)

This should be fun. I'm not very great at remembering the key details of battle after the fact. I did a quick video of deployment (which you can hear my daughter in)

Mission: Seize ground (3 objectives rolled)
Deployment:  Spear head
Space Wolves goes first

Turn 1:
Space wolves Drop pod deploys in an attempt to take out (counts as) Mephiston with Arjac, but my drop pod deviated to far away. this put Logan, the multimelta long fangs and arjac, in prime range to pop the land raider (immobilized it), but also in a bad spot to get assaulted next turn by terminators and the death company inside the land raider.

My Rune priest with jump pack and skyclaws moved into the center of the battlefield to be taken out by Sun crusher jump troops.

(I was hoping to pull off an Arjack / Jaws of the world wolf strike on Mephiston, but it did not work out)

Sun Crushers dropped 2 death company dreads near my objectives.

Pic below is the top of Turn Two

Turn 2: 
Long fang missile launchers softened up the mid field jump troops, they were then assaulted by Bloodclaws w/ wolf priest & Lucas in the land raider. Jump troops were destroyed, mephiston remained. 

Lone wolf took out one of the Death company dreads but took 1 wound. 
My Logan strike force was taken out by the termies and Death company. 

Top of turn Three

Turn 3:
Details get sketchy here.....
Blood claws took out the death company with a little help from the long fangs, but were then taken out by the termies and another death company dreadnaught (via drop pod) Mephiston moved in closer to my objective, lone wolf coming after mephiston. 
At this point Sun crushers hold 1 objective, Space wolves hold 2.

Turn 4:
Jump troops move closer to my mid field objective, along with mephiston and a death company dread, my transport is popped and some wolf gaurd come out. to hold the objective, 

Turn 5, for all the marbles.
Wolf gaurd destroy the Death company Dred, Jump troops take out the wolf gaurd (not sure if that happed turn 4 or 5). My lone wolf eventually came in to contest the objective, but was killed by mephiston. 

Sun Crushers win. 2 objectives to 1. 

End of turn 5

All in all, it was a pretty fun even paced game. Mephiston was a pain in my butt, and Death company are no joke! The Arjac/Jaws of the world wolf trick just did not pay off, and Lucas was probably a waste of points.

What worked?
Lone wolf did his job, took out a dread, I only wish he could have done more (and I forgot to take his Fenrisinan wolf wargear. oops)
BloodClaws were excellent, their sheer numbers and the re-roll with the priest was just awesome.
Long Fangs w/ missile launchers put out lots of reliable damage. Next time I'll stick with my usual 3 units of long fangs!