Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Painting the Changer of ways

I'm about to get knee deep into painting my WFB Warriors of chaos Tzeentch army. The army will be a combination of old figures and new plastic kits. To start off, I've refitted some old metal chaos marauders with larger bases, and gave the standard bearer some extra bitz. I had mounted my Hell cannon on a ridiculously large scenic base, which seemed like a good idea at first, but not so good in play. I ripped it off to make it more table top friendly. I now have 1000 pts primed and ready for paint now.
 test figures. one thing I tried with these guys was not painting all of the trim. going for a more random look. and it's quicker!

For this project I'm going to try something a little different. Rather then paint each unit in separate batches, I'm going to paint the Army all in one batch, but in stages. I'm going to start with my main color - Blue, and complete it along with shading and highlights. I'll then finish the bases. So at this point the army will be playable and painted (although just the main color). Then I will paint the rest in stages as time allows, i.e - Armor trim, fur, cloaks, etc.

I'm going to use a very bright palette for the army, fitting of the lord of change.
  • Blue armor
  • Purple Horses/hounds, with Fire fur/ hair
  • White cloaks / standards.

    this is one of my favorite minis. It has everything I love about fantasy - Daemon, warmachine, dwarfs.

    I'm constantly trying to come up with new ways to get my army painted, we'll see how this one goes.

    What new and interesting ways do you get your armies painted and on the table?

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Make way for the Chaos Dwarfs!

    Well it looks as though dream has become reality.

    I'm overwhelmed with awesomeness that is the chaos dwarf warmachine pics coming out of Games day.

    All aboard the chaos train!
    It appears as if Big Hats are In! 

    Monday, September 20, 2010

    the Big Move!

    I've been away form the blog for a bit while I moved into the new place. Now that we are here, I'm starting to get settled into the new place and have some hobby areas I didn't have at the apartment. 

    I used to have to paint on the kitchen table. This was a pain in the butt as I would either be taking up half the table (the wife loved this) or I would have to pack every thing up and get everything out every time I wanted to paint. In the new place we have a nice big bed room, with room for a workstaion, and I found a table at a thrift store for $15!
    Paint on!

    Whenever we wanted to get  a game on in the apartment, it was the same story, take up the kitchen table, haul everything away when done. Well now I have a garage (i.e: man cave!) I also got a "newer" kitchen table from a gaming buddy. so that old painted on kitchen table is now the legs for the game table in the garage.

    Man Cave in action

    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Khador: the Butcher

    With this mini complete, I think I have nailed down my Khador color scheme.