Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cosmic Norse Super Gods!

Ever since I was a kid, Thor has always been my favorite super hero. It goes hand in hand that I've had an interest in norse mythology since as far back as I can remember too. I love what Marvel has done with these myths and how they have turned them into alien beings that came to our planet and were worshiped as Gods. It's just damn cool to me. And as crazy / cool as it sounds, in a way it even seems plausible to me. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I tell her this theory, but I enjoy it nevertheless.  Many ancient cultures worshiped not just one god but a pantheon of gods, all with similar Diety's.  There are ancient wonders all over the planet that could be evidence of such visits. It seems reasonable that if a star fareing race of people came to ancient earth primitive people would worship these beings as Gods. Sounds good to me at least. If it did happen, why did they leave? Where did they go? When will they come back? Until then, I wrote a song about it. Enjoy.