Friday, June 10, 2011

Blood Hammers: Colors

Below is a breakdown of the colors I use to paint my Blood Hammers. All paints used are GW except where noted. I usually prime with Krylon black primer (about $3.99 at a dept or hardware store. In the case of these guys, I primed with black primer and then sprayed them with a can of GW dark angels green I had laying around (not sure this is made anymore). 

Blue armor: Base coat-Dark angels green followed by Scaly green, then hawk tourquoise with highlight of ice blue
Red Armor: Base coat-Dark angels green, followed by red gore, blood red, highlight of blazing orange.
Stone base: Base coat of macharius solar orange, wash with ogryn flesh followed by bubonic brown, highlight with skull white. 

Purity seals & white armor/wings: Base coat denab stone, wash with grephonne sepia followed by bleached bone with highlight of skull white. 
Gold: Base of Valejo brass, wash with devlan mud, followed by valejo gold, highlight with chainmail.
Metal: Base of boltgun metal, wash with badab black, followed by chainmail, highlight of mithryl silver. 

Black, I simply highlight with adeptus battlegrey
Brown leather: Base coat with Calthan brown, wash with devlun mud, followed by snakebite leather, highlight with tausept ochre
Dirt: Charodin granite, followed by codex grey, highlight fortress grey.
For purity seal writing i use a 0.1 staedtler pigment liner pen (bought at michaels crafts)


Behemoth said...

thanks! looks amazing.

SAJ said...

Awesome! Very nice scheme and a great run-down of the colors...some of which I'll definitely be borrowing!