Friday, October 30, 2009

Must have Unit

Hands down, Terminators! Ever since 1st edition of Space Hulk came out, I have been in love with the marines in Tactical Dreadnought armor. The very thought of these walking tanks in deep space gunning down aliens really appealed to me. And it just so happened that I was concurrently obsessed with everything to do with "Alien" (the first two movies, toys, comics, you name it) at the time. Needless to say, I like to include terminators in my army lists, even though they do not always perform as well as I would like. Below is a gallery of some of my models from the newest to the very early ones.

Space Wolf: Lone Wolf. I converted his wolf claw into a chainfist. using a chainsword with the teeth cut off on one side.

Some work in progress Space Wolves (Arjac in the middle).

Chaos Space Marine: Sorcerer of Chaos (HQ). Pink Terminator!!!! I think it is paticularly demeaning to my loyalist buddy when he faces these candy coated termies.

Though not technically terminators, more like terminators x10. Which is how much I love them....

Space Knights: This is my made up chapter (he's not quite finished) Gotta love the Black Reach set.

More Pink termies (unfinished)!!! I really like the pose of this guy. we need more plastic chaos lightning claws!

Opening the vaults now.....

Ok, this guy isn't supposed to be pink. My early attempt at blending red (came out kinda pink) Supposed to be a Blood angel.

More early paint jobs. These guys are gonna get the Dawn Paint remover treatment soon, and be converted to Space wolves.

My first Terminator.


Tas said...

Great terminators - I have some of those original termies too (pics ate my blog if you are interested)C'mon, those are too good to strip and repaint!

I dont think your BA Captain looks too pink. Perhaps an appointment with the new GW red wash would asisst?


jabberjabber said...

I like the lone wolf - a great dynamic pose and neat conversion on the chain fist.
Those older terminators really take me back to the early days of 40k and space hulk! A great trip down memory lane.

Superlegend International said...

For a relative newbie, seeing some cool old models is pretty neat! I especially like your Arjac. I'm going to build him eventually.