Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Warhammer Tattoos

Got a fresh hair-do, so I thought I would show off my Warhammer tattoos. I see a Space Wolves tattoo in the future.

Imperial Eagle ~1990 by Mickey

Axe of Khorne ~1991 by Mickey

Tzeentch ~1993 by Corey Boobar


Anonymous said...


Wayne said...

That Tzeentch ink is really nice. A great choice for a tat. You should get more old school work from the lost and the damned book/ slaves to darkness books, it all lends itself to ink rather well.

Imperialjustice18 said...

What is he going to do when the Inquisition comes knocking? They'll recognize those marks of the witch immediately!

Lady NerĂ³n said...

Really? Tzeentch and Khorne banners together? You must be a fool or a great Chaos worshiper to have been blessed by both Gods LMAO.
Nice ones! I'm waiting to have a Tzeentch symbol similar to yours :-)