Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to paint Wolves

Below is my method for painting Fenrisian wolves. For lack of a proper (and affordable) Fenrisian wolf model, I decided to go with the chaos warhounds. I did not glue in the antlers and green-stuffed over the holes. Though these may not be the most optimum models to use, I think the method below could be used for any wolf model. I'll be using this color scheme on my Thunder wolves as well.

I used the pic below as referance.

Paint the under belly/arms/head with Denab Stone.
Paint the rest of the fur Scorched Brown

Wash the Denab Stone with Gryphone sepia.

Drybrush the Scorched Brown with Snakebite leather.

Drybrush the light areas with bleached bone. lightly overbrushing onto the dark fur. paint the teeth bleached one, paint the gums, tongue pink.

This next picture isn't that good (overcast outside), carefully paint the lips & nose black. Paint around the eyes  and over the top crest of the fur black. paint the hoves black.

Finally lightly highlight the black with adeptus battlegrey. I painted the eyes yellow with a dark angels green pupil.


Superlegend International said...

I really like that method. I think the Chaos hounds look really cool too. Nice all around!

tQstudios said...

Great work, mate!

I've gone the Goblin Wolf Rider wolves route, but I am going to do a test model based on this step by step.

Really nice looking!