Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tyranids / aka: New model fever

(I painted this guy about 20 years ago)

Yeah, I'm getting sucked into the Tyranid new model fever. I can't help it. They look awesome. Trying to come up with a new color scheme. I have a ton of old genestealer models painted Purple/Blue like the pic above. 

I'm thinking something like this:

Here is some more pics of that silly old fat genesteeler:

(the genesteeler on the back holding the space marine helmet is pretty cool)

(why is the throne covered in chaos icons?)

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eriochrome said...

20 years ago GW did not have tyranids as a race. Just genestealer cults which seemed like they were chaos origins. I remember in one of my white dwarfs a cult army with khorne allegence.