Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great Wolf (and more) completed

It's been a while, but I have lots of completed stuff to reveal.....

The Great Wolf!


Got the idea for this base from a fellow blogger

So this makes 4 completed TW cav paint jobs. I have 8 more to go for my army that includes 3 units of 4.

Red & White for my TW cav pack markings.

Next up, Iron Priest. I was originally going to mount my TW cav on these guys but decided it fit more for the Iron priest only. That and it would have put me in the poor house.


Superlegend International said...

I guess I shoulda read further before asking about the pics of the T-wolf cavalry. All those models look great! I'm glad you liked the Defiler claw idea. Is your main color that Vallejo blue grey that you mentioned? If so, it looks like I might have some repainting to do. That color is great.

jcroxford said...

yep. I use Shadow grey as a base coat, then the vallejo blue grey as the main color. Space wolf grey for highlights.