Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sons of Fenris -Review

I'm not reviewing the entire omnibus, but rather the second book in the ominibus. Let me just say that the first Omnibus by Willam King and all of the Gotrek and Felix novels are excellent. 

What I would like to do is bring paticular attention to the 5th book of the Space Wolf series by Lee Lightner (a Penn name for 2 authors in Baltimore). I love William King so much I was apprehensive about this book, thinking that there was no way it could be as good as William Kings' other novels. I was wrong! I'm going to keep this short and spoiler free, but let me just say that the book is  FULL of fan service and awesome space wolf moments. For me, this is the "Empire strikes back" of space wolf books. Though it is but a piece of the complete Space Wolf series, this one book was truly epic. It truly inspires me to paint and play space wolves. Now if Games Workshop would only come out with a Ragnar miniature that is as good as Adrian Smith's cover paintings, we would be in business.

So do not let the thought of another author(s) writing space wolves keep you from reading this one. It is well worth it!

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Anonymous said...

It was the 1st warhammer book I read and its good for beginers, however it has not enough substance as others!