Monday, June 7, 2010

So much to do, so little time

I need to win the lottery so I can have more time to finish the things on my plate. Here is what's in the current rotation:

Space Wolves - Need to complete a unit of long fangs w/ multi meltas, a couple more Thunder wolf cavalry and some Fenrisian wolves to round out my 2000 pt force for the next Contest of Champions.

Chaos Dwarfs - 15 Warriors, 10 blunderbuss, 1 sorcerer conversion, and a hobgoblin bolt thrower. This is going to be a quick 500 pt force to play/test/learn the new 8th Fantasy rules.

Tyranids - I've been wanting to get started on these guys for a while, but the Space Wolves have been taking most of my time. I think once the COC force above is complete, I may start painting a small force of nids to play/test/learn this codex. I have pretty much everything assembled, just need to lay down paint. I also want to put them on these wonderful bases (I'll need to remove them from their current ones).

Dwarfs!!!!! - They have been patiently waiting in the box unassembled for years!!! I have a ton of them, and nothing is assembled. Lots of work here, but once 8th comes out, I'm going to have to dive in!

So that is what's currently on the table. I would also love to make a Blood angels army, but I think that is more of a dream at this point  (unless that lottery win happens). And depending on  what comes in the Fantasy starter set.... (did I hear skaven?). I've always wanted to do a skaven army. I have a Skaven Blood bowl team, but that isn't even on the list of things to do at this point.

Paint on!!!

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Gridge said...

Yeah, you need to stop being lazy and start painting...You don't see me sitting around while there are minis in need of paint (but, that's only because you can't see me sitting on my ass with my room full of bare marines from where you are).