Sunday, June 13, 2010

Strike Force: Fire Fox!

I've always thought the idea of Deep striking terminators with relentless heavy weapons is a great idea, but space wolves can't teleport! They can however take a drop pod! I haven't had any drop pod models though, so the thought had just been sitting at the back of my mind until I read this. I have no desire to copy this army list, but I love the idea of Logan, Arjac & the long fangs in a drop pod. It makes me think of an elite strike force / black ops unit. so I came up with this:

When Logan Grimnar goes to war, he arrives at the tip of a drop pod assault spearhead deployed with an elite long fang unit known as the Fire Fox. The Fire Fox is always a full unit of long fangs armed to the teeth with Multi-Meltas, and led by none other then the wolf guard battle leader and Logans' greatest champion, Arjac Rockfist.
Fire Fox will Land ahead of the rest of the army taking out important targets before they know what hits them, with multimeltas blazing, and Arjac Laying down serious pain with his Foehammer.

If any enemy is foolish enough to assault the Fire Fox they will then feel the wrath of the Great King himself, Logan Grimar! They will not live to tell the tale of their mistake.

Next up: Customized Drop pod for the High King!


bG said...

Awesome concept and a great realization of it as well. I really like that dark armour look for the long fangs.

Grajo said...

Very nice guys, the dark armor is a very nice touch.