Wednesday, August 18, 2010

March of the Dwarf Warmachines

Master Engineer Burlan Barakison II. Poster Board Standard, cork base. He wears the colors of the Engineers guild, Engineer grey (similar to space wolves grey). Catch phrase - "Fire!!!!"

This classic grudge thrower was made before the fall of Karak Zuul. It escaped the Hold intact. 

A newer version of the Grudge thrower was designed after the fall of Karak Zuul.

Classic Bolt thrower

And finally this Rare device of war - the Organ gun, is adorned with fine Gems.


Student Teacher said...

Hey! It's nice to see the classic warmachines rolling out. The one thing I dislike about the two bolt throwers for my Dorfs is that the crew are exactly alike. At least with with the plastics you can change up the crew a bit.

Keep up the good work, you banners make me sick (at my own inadequacy).

Kuffeh said...

Nice stuff dude. It's great to see some old dwarf minis getting some loving. I do like the use of the Burlock Damminson, the back banner is good. I also like the old war machines, however I own a bolt thrower that is even older than the last. =P