Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember when Chaos was.....Chaotic?

I have to say, I miss the days when a Chaos force could be fielded of Warriors, Daemons, and Beastmen. And back in the days of Realm of Chaos - "Slaves to Darkness", fantasy warriors had access to technology!

With the separation of the new books it just seems like a lot of the chaos has been removed. I

Oh well, those days are gone, but it does not stop one from being creative with modeling. And WFB isn't as strict with the WYSIWYG. I had some old warriors that were missing lots of pieces and need a complete unit of 10 dudes. So I threw on a bunch of bits to make a truly "chaotic" war band.

Bitz used, (L-R, Space wolf bolter arm, tyranid arm, CSM body/head, Beastman standard arm, CSM standard, Marauder horsemen shield, Beastmen instrument arm, Marauder head, Khrone berzerker CC weapon arm, Chaos mutation arm. 

I like the "newest" version of the chaos warrior plastic models. The sculpt is great. But they are ALL the same! More like the forces of order then Chaos to me. 

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b.smoove said...

I've been looking high and low for those old plastics. So envious.