Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Painting the Changer of ways

I'm about to get knee deep into painting my WFB Warriors of chaos Tzeentch army. The army will be a combination of old figures and new plastic kits. To start off, I've refitted some old metal chaos marauders with larger bases, and gave the standard bearer some extra bitz. I had mounted my Hell cannon on a ridiculously large scenic base, which seemed like a good idea at first, but not so good in play. I ripped it off to make it more table top friendly. I now have 1000 pts primed and ready for paint now.
 test figures. one thing I tried with these guys was not painting all of the trim. going for a more random look. and it's quicker!

For this project I'm going to try something a little different. Rather then paint each unit in separate batches, I'm going to paint the Army all in one batch, but in stages. I'm going to start with my main color - Blue, and complete it along with shading and highlights. I'll then finish the bases. So at this point the army will be playable and painted (although just the main color). Then I will paint the rest in stages as time allows, i.e - Armor trim, fur, cloaks, etc.

I'm going to use a very bright palette for the army, fitting of the lord of change.
  • Blue armor
  • Purple Horses/hounds, with Fire fur/ hair
  • White cloaks / standards.

    this is one of my favorite minis. It has everything I love about fantasy - Daemon, warmachine, dwarfs.

    I'm constantly trying to come up with new ways to get my army painted, we'll see how this one goes.

    What new and interesting ways do you get your armies painted and on the table?


    Kuffeh said...

    That is a nice looking force, it's coming along.

    I find your method of army painting quite interesting. I personally paint in batches of five. I'll do the same colour across all five minis - shading and highlighting included - and then move onto the next section.

    jcroxford said...

    Usually, I go a unit at a time, whether it's 5 man or 20. Just thought of trying something for a change. We'll see how it works out. I already got sidetracked....