Monday, September 20, 2010

the Big Move!

I've been away form the blog for a bit while I moved into the new place. Now that we are here, I'm starting to get settled into the new place and have some hobby areas I didn't have at the apartment. 

I used to have to paint on the kitchen table. This was a pain in the butt as I would either be taking up half the table (the wife loved this) or I would have to pack every thing up and get everything out every time I wanted to paint. In the new place we have a nice big bed room, with room for a workstaion, and I found a table at a thrift store for $15!
Paint on!

Whenever we wanted to get  a game on in the apartment, it was the same story, take up the kitchen table, haul everything away when done. Well now I have a garage (i.e: man cave!) I also got a "newer" kitchen table from a gaming buddy. so that old painted on kitchen table is now the legs for the game table in the garage.

Man Cave in action


Death 0F Angels said...

NICE! Table looks awesome. Kids bout to teach menoth a lesson huh?

jcroxford said...

Yep. Flames are not very effective against the big Khador Jacks. I got my revenge on game 2 though.