Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tzeentch: Into the zone - Pt. 2

We are cooking with gas now! So my original goal was to get the armor and bases painted for the entire army, and have a somewhat fully "painted" army to play. Well, I've done this and then some!

The army as a whole has gone much quicker then I expected. I was originally thinking it may be a while before I got down to the details, but now I'm convinced that I'll be able to actually complete these guys before much longer. I just need to paint gold trim and weapon handles, and that will be it for all of the base colors. All that will remain is some highlights and well call it done! Oh wait......I need to complete the standards too.

I even brought them to work to paint on my lunch hour this evening. I'm on a mission!!! 


John said...

Very nice looking army

Death 0F Angels said...

holy crap dude. For the all fath... of wait... wheres my chaos star.

jcroxford said...

Yep. I'm feeling the chaos love right now.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

G'day Jude,

I was wanting to share this idea that I have [and have done] for Wolf Standards.

I know you love the Wolves, and also Dwarves.

I have bought the Fantasy Dwarf standards from eBay and used them for the Wolf standard.
I haven't used the one with candles on it, and the one with the big face had the lanterns cut-off.

They look really good, although they are still without undercoat.

I also bought those teeny-weeny shields, they are about the same size as a Terminator's coat-of-arms shield, and intend to stick them in that spot. The round shield is much more Viking like and the runes are ace.

The normal sized shields might be used on the forearms of the Greys.

What do you think?

jcroxford said...

That sounds like an excellent idea. I really like the little dwarf shield for the terminators. I would love to see some pics of the finished models.