Monday, November 1, 2010

WOC Tzeentch progress

Disclaimer - Nothing here is complete. All is still a work in progress, but I thought I would post where I'm at right now.

Since I began this project I've been painting the entire force pretty much all in one batch. My goal was to get the army to a point that I could play it and not be embarrassed by not having paint or a half painted force. For the most part, I think I completed that goal. I played a 2000 pt game this past weekend (more on that later).

 This is one of my favorite miniatures. I have it forever and just never got around to painting. I even pulled it apart stripped the primer off and did a better job of getting rid of mold lines, then re-posed / re-glued the dude. I ran into a small problem though. The model has such an extreme lean, all the weight was on the left ankle and it cracked. I filled in with epoxy and use the staff to help brace the model to the base. Hopefully this will hold in without further cracking.

 I love the wing span of this model. I think it looks way better then even the forge world greater daemon, which I think the wings look funny.
 this is the closest model to completion. Only thing left is to paint the gems, complete the base, and I think I'll add some kind of design to the robe. And I need to do something to make the eyes stand out more.

 I've decided that I do not like the standard that I put together for the marauders. It does not go with the rest of the army. I will be chopping this off and adding a more "flag" like standard.
I made the Tzeentch symbol on all the banners to look like the symbol of the the Daemons staff to tie them together.
So at this point, I have base coated, washed, and highlighted everything. Pretty much the only thing that remains is final highlights, completion of the bases, and some details to all the warlock purple banners/cloaks, I'm thinking some kind of flames on the bottom or something.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Damn but those warriors sure are pretty!

Death 0F Angels said...

lookin good!

Kuffeh said...

They look great dude. I really like the Lord of Change model. They are all very colourful.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Here is a link to those Wolf standards using Dwarf stuff I mentioned.

They are unpainted.

jcroxford said...

Great idea Marshal W. I like and might have to steal it! :)