Friday, July 2, 2010

Dwarf Lord

This is one of my favorite Dwarf Miniatures. I love the pose. He is looking very stoic.

I paid more attention to the gold then I normally do, trying to get it just right. I started with a base of shining gold, followed by chestnut ink shading, followed by devlin mud wash. I highlighted with burnished gold, followed by a tiny bit of chain-mail. 
The Flesh,  I took a bit more time then usual as well. Tallaran flesh base, shaded with fleshwash, followed by Gryphone sepia. Highlights with Dwarf flesh, followed by elf flesh. 
Blond hair is Desert yellow base, gryphone sepia wash. Highlighted with bubonic brown followed by bleached bone. 


Big Jim said...

He is looking totally Ace! You have made a model that I don't care for look good enough to buy!

You are gonna have one ace looking Dwarf army when it's done.

Youth and Beauty Brigadier said...

Oh that is awesome! The shading and highlighting are spot on. Puts my thane to shame

Kuffeh said...

He looks great dude. I really like the blonde you have done for his hair, and the mixing sounds nice and simple.

You have a great looking dwarf there. Even more so for this is one of my favourite dwarf minis GW have produced.