Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dwarfs - Warriors Complete

Here's the first unit of my Core Troops! 

I shaved off all of the shield icons, to fit the icon of Karak Zuul.

Dwarf Warrior Musician carries the coolest looking instrument in the game! 

I did give the Veteran a different color cloak to make him stand out a bit. 

I trimmed all of the Anvil shaped hammers except for the veterans to make his unique. 

Nothing fancy for the warriors as far as color scheme goes. They just get standard Leather trimmed armor. Light green shirts to match the rest of the army. 


Youth and Beauty Brigadier said...

Simple and clean, they look awesome. I'm looking forward to watching more progress.

Kuffeh said...

Great stuff dude. I really like the icon you use, nice freehand. The only thing I think could be improved on is the banner. I think it is a bit too small. You have all that area for the banner, why spoil it by using only a small amount? Use the space! -__^

jcroxford said...

Kuffeh. I agree. I thought it looked a little sparse. Was thinking about maybe putting some more runes and stuff, but got lazy.