Friday, July 30, 2010

Value priced Dwarf War Machines

If you play Dwarfs, you best come with some war machines and lots of them!

I have the latest incarnations  of the stone thrower, and some older bolt throwers but I need more!!! Today I stumbled upon ZVEZDA that makes some VERY affordable war machines that don't look half  bad. They are not quite as detailed as a GW product, but I think a few dwarf bitz here and there would do the trick nicely. The stone thrower looks very similar to the last edition Dwarf one. The bolt Thrower just needs to be chopped down so the stunties can reach.

At $15.00 for 1 Bolt thrower, a stone thower, and 3 wheeled shields (use for entrenched?) How can you go wrong?


Josh H. said...

Ooooooh, I might need to get this! Just starting my Dwarf Army and I need Bolt Throwers and Grudge Throwers!

jcroxford said...

I'm going to be ordering some this week, so I'll have some actual comparison shots up for scale soon.