Monday, November 29, 2010

Skaven: Test mini

Normally I will end up doing quite a few test mini's before coming up with a scheme that I like. But this may be a first. I'm thinking this will work for my army.

With each army that I start, I like to put in some thought on how I'm going to get the army on the field and painted, and sometimes come up with new ways and techniques along the way to help get the mini's painted in a productive and decent looking way. With the skaven, since it's a horde army I thought ahead of time that I wanted to dip these guys. But I don't want to use the Stain method. I tried that with orks, and chaos and had decent results, but it had its drawbacks too. Stain is usually oil based which is just no fun. It takes forever to dry. And is pretty thick. So I thought it would be optimum to just dip in a GW wash, but  that would be expensive! So what to do? Make my own wash. I've done this, and you can see the results. (I did paint the flesh last and used GW wash for this step). So more on how I painted them later. I have more Rat men to put together!!! 

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