Wednesday, September 9, 2009

20 years of Warhamer & 40k

It occurred to me that the release of Space Hulk also marks an anniversary for when I started with the GW hobby. I had been into D&D as a kid, but it wasn't till some friends of mine right after high school introduced me to Warhammer fantasy roleplay & battle, that I really became interested in the hobby. I have been completely obsessed ever since! I think Space Hulk was the first thing I bought, along with a box of rouge trader plastic space marines, and box of Metal terminators. Below are some picks of some of the very first miniatures I painted, and a little comparison of the terminators over the years. Can't wait to paint the new ones!
1st edition Space Hulk mini's 
Space Hulk expansion Mini's
(I was really into black lining everything on this librarian) 
I started experimenting with layering on the terminator captain. Unfortuanatly he came out rather pink! 

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