Friday, September 25, 2009

More Pics of my Eldar

Here is some more pics of my Craftworld: Mal-Akhi Eldar. For my color scheme I tried to go with earth tones, like a wood elves in space kind of thing. Some of the common themes are, No steel/metal what so ever, all of their stuff is wraithbone. I also used a marble type finish on some of the tech (ships, weapons, jump packs, parts of the Avatar). Yellowish Orange is used to represent Fire / Power / Status,  their alien version of Leather comes in red.


eldaraddict said...

great looking pics. what camera do you use? Do you use a light box? My pics always turn out so dark. Great looking figures. I especially like the fire dragons.

jcroxford said...

I took these all with a nikon coolpix outside. when taken inside they came out very crappy. And thanks! I really enjoyed putting the color scheme together and think I came out pretty well.