Friday, September 18, 2009

Versetality and Bargain of the Black reach Box set

I love the Black reach box set so much. I bought 2 of them and a buddy gave me his Orks. With all these mini's and a little plastic card, greenstuff and a few bits I have managed to put together 2 full units of 20 boyz -with Nob upgrades(photo in previous post), A unit of 10 'Ard Boyz (space marine pads for extra armor), and 7 Tank Busta's (plastic card/dowel rokkits). On top of that I have used one set of Space Marines for my Chapter of Space Marines (Space knights: also pictured in previous post), and the other set I plan on converting to Space Wolves with all the extra bits from the new plastic kits!

Ard Boyz (CSM shoulder pads, big shoota converted to Rokkit, Nob w/power klaw and boss pole), Primered with "Army Painter" greenskin colored primer.

Tank Busta's (Rokkit's, and Rokkit hammers made with plastic dowel & pastic card fins, Nob w/Power Klaw and Rokkit).  Primered with "Army Painter" greenskin colored primer.

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Muhammad Saeed said...

Plastic card bangs. Nice use of plastic card to make a bunch of marine soldiers with sword in their hands.
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