Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dwarfs of Karak Zuul

I'll be using the design below for my shields and standards.
The once great stronghold of Karak Zuul was legendary amongst the Dwarfs for creating great war machines and fabulous runic weapons. In 2500 the hold was over run by Greenskins. Many Dwarfs died to ensure the engineers guild could escape with their plans and creations intact, including thier Lord Master Engineer; Burlan Barakison. . His sacrifice was not in vein for not a single war machine was captured by the Orcs. Now the Dwarfs that once called Karak Zuul home, roam the land as Rangers and Miners often attacking by surprise and from underground advances, always bringing their mighty war machines to bear upon the enemy. The Dwarfs of Karak Zuul will never rest till their grudge has been settled, and the Greenskins eradicated from the Worlds edge mountains and surrounding lands.

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Gridge said...

It does my heart good to hear of such a righteous grudge. Though my forces of Chaos will no doubt mock your determination, knowing all that mortals have created upon the Old World will fall in time... even if Father Nurgle must wait for the mountains to crumble to eradicate the last of your species.

Nice symbol by the way. Much better than the ill-conceived mountain in flames that you got such a good laugh out of many years ago.