Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dwarfs - There and back again

I have Dwarfs on the brain right now. Grumpy Stunty's work really inspired me to lay down some paint. So yesterday I worked out a test mini.

I kind of like how this one turned out, but I'm not sold on it being the color scheme for my entire army just yet. I also have an idea shooting around my head to do an army in my clan tartan.

I have this old regiments of renown set : The Dragon company , that have tabards that would be perfect for a nice plaid. Below if one of the miniatures from the set that I painted some 20 years ago.

I was really proud of this guy back in the day. But I'm thinking him and all of his buddies are going to get the strip treatment and a new look. 
He was one of my first "conversions". I carved his little shield nub on his back into a little pack, and put a different type shield in front for mountain scene. 

Another old mini form the Long Drong Slayer Pirates set.

I also loved the old Chaos Dwarfs. (Yes I can not wait to see what forge world does with them....Big hats or not)

This all leads to one inevitability. The Dwarfs are Coming!!!!!

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Kuffeh said...

Well I'm happy! Treated to a display of dwarf, and get mentioned! =D I'm glad they inspired you.

I like the idea of tartan, the only problem I could foresee is the fact that dwarfs lack much cloth except for the sleeves and the armour edge trim. I look forward to seeing how you progress.

I need to get back to mine soonish I think...