Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magnetized Hunter killer missiles & Las TL Plasma conversion

I made some quick easy brackets to magnetize my Hunter killer missiles. This makes them easy to keep track of once used. Just pull them off. I scratch made the bracket because the supplied bracket doesn't have a whole lot of room for a magnet, and I usually use them for the other options.

Bracket is made of 1/8" thick plastic card (same thickness as the magnets)
I mark off a square a little larger then the magnet for the base and a rectangle for the stand that the HKM will be glued too.

Drill a hole in the base, the same size as the magnets

Cut out the pieces

Glue the stand to the base with plastic glue, so they are perpendicular 

glue the HKM's to the assembled bracket

drill a hole in your tank where ever you want to put them, put a magnet in the tank and in the bottom of the bracket with super glue. 

Here's a couple Rhino's and a Razor back with a Twin link Plasma gun.

For the twin link Plasma gun I used Plasma guns that came with the space wolves sprues. I cut off the grips, drilled small holes to match the mount, then put a small piece of plastic card between the two to make them match up. 


Andrew said...

My las/plas conversions cost a bit of cash, but I'm pretty happy with them. Here are some photos of the assembly. I took the side plasma gun sponsons of a leman russ and enclosed them around a single lascannon from the razorback kit. Green stuff and glue holds the plasma guns to the side of the lascannon. The extra covering is made out of a rhino door, which actually looks real good. The back pic shows the entire thing filled in. Finally, the cables are cut and turned around backwards and stuck thru the holes of the assembly mount.


I gotta say, these things are awesome on the tabletop. Way better than their twin lascannon versions.

jcroxford said...

Very cool Andrew. I like them.