Friday, April 9, 2010

Mounted Iron Priest + Cyber Wolves complete

He is done. I'm not completely thrilled with how he came out, but he will due. My dissatisfaction comes mostly because of the old sculpt of the miniature. I do not like how all of the armor has a pocked texture. For the conversion, I chopped off the thunder hammer arm for a reposition. and had to slightly pry the legs apart to fit him on the Juggernaught. For the Juggernaught, I shaved off all the spiky bits (in an effort to make him not look so chaos), gave him a green stuff saddle, and fur.

Here he is with is buddies. Chaos warhounds sans antlers. I posted them before, but the pictures were way blurry. 

For the little runes and detail on his furry blue prints, I used Micro pen. 

Cyber bitz courtesy of Ork Warbikers & greenstuff

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Magilla Gurilla said...

Whoa, I really like the Iron Priest on the Thunderwolf. This is an excellent model. In addition, the cyberwolves are fantastic.
Adding this blog to my blog list!