Saturday, May 8, 2010

Battle report - Wolves vs. Nurgle

OK, not exactly a full on battle report...More of a synopsis. I had a great time last night playing Death of Angels and his Chaos Marines of Nurgle at the FLGS . We rolled Capture & Control, Dawn of War deployment. Playing 1750 pts.

I rolled First turn, but it was quickly stolen from me when he Stole the initiative! (the game was not off to a good start).

I quickly moved my Thunder wolves into position only to be surrounded by his forces.

The wolves took out his termies, but things got ugly for the thunder wolves when they were utterly destroyed by bolterfire. I think I rolled 5 ones in a row to fail armor saves. That and I ended up scattering my own Long Fang Missile fire onto them. Soon, the scene looked like this:

Hamish Blackwolf did not have much life left in him. 

Once Hamish and the Thunder wolves were out of the picture, it was a cat n mouse game for the objectives and a couple very drawn out assaults. 

If the game would have ended on turn 5 it would have most likely been a draw, but it continued, and I was able to make a mad dash for my opponents objective killing it's lone protector for the win. 

All in all it was a very close game. I had a great time and look forward to meeting Death of Angels on the Battlefield for a rematch soon. 


Bigfishboy said...

Nice, what did you use to make your thunderwolves?

jcroxford said...
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jcroxford said...

Heroclix - "Fenris wolf"

Bigfishboy said...

ok cheers< I have 5 built from thunderwolves, but I was looking for a cheaper option (: cheers

Death 0F Angels said...

Next time ill bring my camera so we can get some proper pics. FUN GAME! very bloody. Deamon prince was my MVP till he died to perils of the warp. NOOOooooo.....