Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wolf Lord Complete

Wolf Lord: Hamish Blackwolf upon his Great grey Thunderwolf, Bifur. He is Harold Deathwolfs greatest Champion, and leads the great company to battle when Harold is indisposed or leading another part of the company elsewhere. He wields a huge frost blade given to him by Harold Deathwolf himself. 

Frost blade made from plastic card, skull bitz from SW sprues. Sword arm was the great Frost Axe with axe removed. Left arm from Space marine Sargent kit. 

His right pauldron is adorned with the Runes of his lord Harold Deathwolf

Bifur poised Ready to strike!

The Base is a resin cast product form Secret Weapon. A great deal for only $5. My only complaint is it is slightly smaller then the Standard GW 60mm bases. 


Death 0F Angels said...

Just a little taste of what i face friday? HAHAHA!
Damn dude. I was wondering where you got the frost blade. Never would have guessed its plasticard.

Chris said...

That is a very nicely-done model.

jcroxford said...

Death of Angels: Yeah, it's a distinct possibility.

Grajo said...

Hmmmm very nice model, i´ll show the picture to my fellow co-blogger, he should be very interested in this post.