Monday, May 24, 2010

Chaos Dwarfs - the Before pics!

Disclaimer - I painted all of these in the early Nineties.

 Well, I've un-boxed them and decided it's time for a Chaos Dwarf Makeover. I'll be giving them the Dawn paint strip treatment, and completely re-base and re-paint the entire army. I figured it would be kind of fun to put out some pics of these guys and reminise about my old paint style.

For some reason I thought I needed to use every color of the rainbow. To be fair the examples in the army book are pretty darn bright! 

Colorful, but not too bad. Banners cut strait out of the armybook, For shame!!!!

Purple! It's the new black. 


I actually really like how the shield came out on this one. 

This one really cracks me up. One of my early conversion efforts, it's supposed to be the high priest Astragoth, before a miniature came out for him. Turns out my imagining was way off.

Here's a tease of the new look. This is just a test.....
My first attempt at source lighting (eh..needs a little work) Bronzed armour and rusty weapons will be the theme trough out. 


Gridge said...
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Chris said...

I think that the original paint scheme fits the era quite nicely. I wasn't gaming back when, but these figures seem like a very good representation of that those times. It's almost a shame to strip and repaint them.

Gridge said...

Those take me back to the glorious and tragic battles of dwarf vs. chaos dwarf! I imagine it has been well over 10 years now since they last met to settle some grudges. The big hats will indeed be missed. Now they will be smaller targets.

Death 0F Angels said...

rainbow beards crack me up!